Benefits of caviar

There are many reasons why the Iranian caviar ranks first in the world.The ideal living conditions for sturgeon, an excellent habitat free from any pollution, in the clear depths of the Caspian Sea, along with a well-organized production, transport and storage spot under the most stringent controls and a breeding and rearing sturgeon fingerlings to restock the Caspian returning more than twelve million of them each year in the wild are some details that highlight the Iranian caviar as the best in the world.

The qualities of caviar are not limited to the cooking. Attributed aphrodisiac qualities and also physiological and food.

The Sevruga, for example one hundred grams has 2,600 calories. Among caviar proteins are: arginine, histidine. The lipid portion is constituted by 25% of cholesterol and 75% of lezitina.

Caviar is a delicate and perishable substance. Therefore can only be maintained in the cold. After opening the can be kept in the fridge for a week.

The most common way to accompany caviar on toast is fine. But sometimes served with nuts, egg, and fresh lemon.

The flesh is white sturgeon, sumptuous. Cross juicily marbling. That fat is one of the highest rates known in polyunsaturated fatty acids HUFA series # 3. Beneficial in the fight against cholesterol.